How to Run Electrical Wire

Electrical wire is used to move the electricity from its source to the destination. It is one of the most essential links that form the network between single points to the various scattered points. Now the question is how to run the electrical wire? In the case of a new construction house, you have to run the wire inside your close wall for finishing the room as a living space.

So when you are working in a newly constructed house the walls need to have an electrical wire run through them and then it should be closed up by the drywall team. There are several tools and materials used for this purpose like a stud finder, electric wire, metal nail guards for the stud, Auger bit, Drill, safety glasses and many more How to run Electrical Wire - it is not a tough task for a professional Electrician to closed the walls between a service panel and a device.

You have to obtain a permit to run electrical wire and for connecting it with the devices mark alike from source to destination and cut a little drywall as possible. You have to turn off the circuit breakers before doing any live wiring, cut the marked area of the wire and set aside the drywall section so that you can use it later for repairing the wall.

Choose an angular bit of a ½ inch or a 3/8 inch that is mounted on a drill and provide the space for pulling the wire through. After that, you have to attach the auger bit to the drill and drive a hole into all sides of studs for making the electrical run. Run the electrical wire and install the nail guards to protect the holes after that close up the wall again. Hire an experienced Electrician to do all this take efficiently for you.